Big Impact Sound

provides royalty free music and sound design for media, games, television, film, trailers, commercials, documentaries, YouTube creators, exhibits, websites, slide shows, corporate projects, podcasts, wedding albums, presentations, audiobooks, radio, apps and so much more.

Royalty free music

Big Impact Sound allows you to distribute the royalty free music worldwide
and without any additional fees.
Our music licensing system is transparent and easy:
once the music license is paid there are no copyright issues. 

Wide range of musical styles

Our award winning team has more than two decades of experience in the creation and production of contemporary and classical music.

Composition on demand

Custom-made composition and sound design that will maximize the impact of your game, movie, commercial, trailer, documentary or presentation.

Music productions ranging from single tracks to full orchestral scores

We can provide single tracks or full scores and our team helps you with your project from
start to finish according to your specific wishes.

Stock Music (Library Music)

Fast and easy music and sound design browsing in our huge music library. All our tracks are immediately available for any of your projects.

Fast turnaround time

We are used to work with tight deadlines and will help you meet them. We are passionate about our work and always aim for perfection.

Authentic, unique sound and perfect studio acoustics you can rely on

We use first class studio tools, software, cabling, hardware, conversion and monitoring in a high-end studio with extensive acoustic treatments.