FAQ: Royalty free music, music licensing and other questions

How does a music license work and will I have copyright issues?

Big Impact Sound allows you to distribute the music worldwide,
royalty free and without any additional fees.
Our music licensing system is transparent and easy:
once the license is paid there are no copyright issues.
Please contact us to receive an offer for your particular project or
to obtain a license for any of the tracks on the site.

What is the difference between royalty free music and copyright free music?

Royalty free music applies to a type of music licensing were one pays only a single license to have the right to use copyright protected music (or sound design) in a project.
No additonal payments (also known as royalties) need to be paid after the initial license purchase.

This is how Big Impact Sound works.

Royalty free does not mean copyright free!

Copyright free music is music that is not protected by copyright (for example 'public domain' music). Anyone can use this music with or without permission or without having to pay the composer(s) and/or performer(s).

This is not how Big Impact Sound works.

Because all the music of Big Impact Sound is copyright protected,
downloading or using the music of Big Impact Sound without a valid license is illegal.

What is the Flexible Pricing System?

You only pay for what you need!
A full composition license allows you to use the purchased composition in its totality.
The per second license allows you to buy only the fragment of the composition you need.

I need to purchase a large number of music tracks. Do you have a discount option?

Yes! We will make you a customized offer.

I want to use the music for a (YouTube) video. Do I need a license?

Yes, you always need a license for using our music. Please contact us for a quote.

Can you help me find the right music for my project?

Yes, of course! If you provide us with some key words (mood, style, instrumentation,...)  or tell us more about your project, we can search in our database for tracks that match your request.

We can also provide bespoke music that fits your specific needs.

Can I use one standard license for multiple productions?

Usually, a standard license covers one single project. Please contact us for licenses
for multiple projects. Conditions can vary from project to project.

What are the payment options and are they safe?

You can pay with PayPal or by bank transfer.
You don't even need a PayPal account to buy music; you can login to PayPal as a guest at the checkout and use any major credit or debit card without needing a PayPal account.

In which format is the music delivered?

You can choose between high quality mp3 format or uncompressed wav format (highest quality).

Can I use a sample of your work in my own compositions?

No, this is not possible for copyright reasons.